Schaffer Innovation Readiness Assessment

Schaffer Innovation Readiness Assessment


Is your organization an environment where innovation thrives – or struggles?

The Schaffer Innovation Readiness Assessment (SIRA) will help you identify actions that can strengthen your organization's ability to innovate. Based on our research and practical experience with clients, we’ve found that successful innovation teams work in environments where four conditions are present.

SIRA evaluates the strength of these four conditions – all of which need to be strong for innovation to thrive, and for teams to move fast, adapting to new insights as they work.

To help you identify opportunities to strengthen the innovation conditions, SIRA examines how they are supported in five area

  1. Leadership: Are your leaders driving or derailing innovation?
  2. Culture: Are peoples’ attitudes and behaviors contributing to innovation success?
  3. Team Climate: How strong are the four critical innovation conditions in teams working on innovation projects?
  4. Infrastructure: Is your organization enabling the collaboration necessary to support innovation?
  5. Innovation Effectiveness: Are you achieving the innovation results you want and need?

SIRA benefits:

  • Measure the strength of the four critical conditions for successful innovation in your organization
  • Diagnose innovation strengths and opportunities
  • Evaluate progress of innovation improvement efforts
  • Identify specific shifts you can prioritize to make innovation more successful
  • Interested in learning more?

Schaffer developed a shorter self-assessment for individuals based on the same principles for Harvard Business Review.

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