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From the authority on high-impact, results-focused consulting

At Schaffer Consulting, our experts are the pioneers and champions of a results-focused, high-impact approach to management consulting.

Our innovative thinking and its application to client challenges is quite different from conventional consulting services.

We focus on rapid, measurable results and a high level of client engagement. This high-impact consulting style is not just unique; it is remarkably effective, as our client success stories demonstrate.

As passionate advocates for high-impact consulting, our partners and consultants are committed to the evolution of management consulting in both thought and practice. We aim to share our point of view and our latest insights not just with the organizations we serve; but also with any and all business leaders interested in maximizing the effectiveness of their consulting engagements.

Our experts have been published in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and other leading publications, and our leaders have authored numerous books about our unique consulting approach and methods. We invite you to explore our innovative thinking and to learn how high-impact consulting and a results-focused approach to organizational transformation can make an immediate, lasting difference in your business.

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