Strategy Execution

Making strategy deliver

Enable teams to test strategic ideas quickly. Generate results. Learn what works. Build critical capabilities.

Organizations executing strategy face several challenges: Alignment across divisions and functions can be difficult to achieve. Large numbers of teams increase the risk of confusion. Unforeseen obstacles emerge, challenging key assumptions. Timelines slip, diminishing engagement.  Consequently, top and bottom line results fall far short of what the strategic plan promised.

Schaffer’s dual focus on driving measurable results quickly and generating key learning helps organizations avoid these pitfalls.

We are experts at helping leaders translate strategic priorities into tightly scoped, high-leverage projects. And we work with teams to deliver ambitious near term goals on those projects that test and validate strategic assumptions. Ideas that stick are scaled. Those that don’t are revised, or eliminated quickly. In each case, teams are focused on delivering measurable results that are critical to the strategic plan. Success is clear. The work is energizing. And teams strengthen their ability to test and realize strategic priorities in rapid time frames.

The result for our clients is execution that delivers growth quickly – while enabling the experimentation, learning, and agility necessary to translate strategic plans into reality.

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