Eliminate performance-inhibiting complexity

Increase speed and flexibility by reducing unnecessary complexity

No organization sets out to become complex. Or to make business tougher for customers and employees. But as companies become more successful they grow more complicated. Product portfolios expand. New markets and geographies are added. Functions grow in size and reach. Business units reshape critical processes and practices.

And almost imperceptibly activities slow. Processes start to become barriers. Decisions come more slowly, and structure that once made sense saps nimbleness. Promising ideas for growth or improvement lie fallow or take too much time to reach fruition. The cost of complexity can be significant, from internal processes that consume too many resources to the loss of speed and flexibility needed to compete in dynamic markets.

At Schaffer, we have extensive experience working with clients to diagnose and dismantle unnecessary complexity – helping teams to learn newer, simpler ways to accomplish more, and to build fluidity in their businesses. And because our projects are focused around measurable results achieved rapidly, the simplification we help clients attain generates significant financial and strategic benefits.

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Simply Effective

How to Cut Through Complexity in Your Organization and Get Things Done

A "must-read" for anyone looking to improve performance by simplifying structures, processes, products, and leadership behaviors. Now available as an AUDIO book.

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