Unlock organizational talent and capacity to generate breakthrough results and develop new capabilities

Schaffer’s approach focuses leaders and teams on achieving ambitious targets that build needed capabilities

Our practice is founded on the belief that every organization has untapped capacity to perform well beyond its current levels.

Our clients seek help to accelerate progress on critical priorities – organization-wide transformation, strategic execution, and initiatives to drive growth and profitability. They need to generate better results more quickly – but recognize that the key to superior performance lies in the organization, not outsiders.

We help them achieve these results – and strengthen their organizations so the impact is lasting through a unique approach that unlocks their own organizational potential to make rapid, measurable progress on financial and strategic goals.

Examples of our work include helping:

  • A major eye-care company struggling to regain profitability achieve $100 million cost savings and $30 million in new revenue growth in a little over a year through a series of rapid-fire top and bottom line efforts executed by cross functional groups across the organization.
  • A global office supply manufacturer kick-start growth and achieve more than $200 million in new revenue within two years by unleashing teams around the world to accelerate the development and commercialization of new products.
  • A leading pharmaceutical company to generate more than $500 million of incremental revenue in one year by working with sales, marketing, and operations teams to identify and drive new sales from under-leveraged products in its portfolio.

We helped these clients – and many others – generate these results through an approach that is fundamentally different from the traditional consulting model:

Move Quickly. While planning and analysis have their place, our bias is to act fast, helping clients move the needle quickly on key priorities.

Focus on Impact. We are experts in helping leaders break through the complexity of large-scale challenges to target the few, focused efforts that will yield significant financial and strategic benefits.

Organize by Results. The core of our approach is working with teams to generate measurable results – new booked revenue, actual cost reduction, faster cycle times – rapidly, generally in 100 days or less ... results that go well beyond what the organization thinks are achievable.

Build Capabilities. Our work focuses equally on building capabilities and capacity that our clients need to grow. The challenge of delivering significant – not incremental – results transforms teams, developing new capabilities as they learn what it takes to execute on strategic priorities.

Drive Engagement. Lasting improvement happens when done by – not to – the organization. Our approach ensures that clients are fully engaged and maintain ownership for the work, essential conditions that enable leaders and teams to burst through ceilings of prior performance.

Our Methods

For over 50 years we have pioneered innovative methods – such as Rapid Results and WorkOut – that help organizations make fast, measurable, and sustainable progress on their most important priorities.

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