Rapid Results

Carving complex initiatives into a series of fast-cycle efforts

Break through to unprecedented levels of performance with pinpointed, aggressive, fast-cycle efforts

We use short-term Rapid Results projects to generate immediate impact, tap into hidden capacity, and build momentum to drive major change—typically in 100 days or less.

The Rapid Results method is embedded in the fabric of every Schaffer Consulting engagement and represents the essence of our high-impact consulting approach. In contrast to traditional consulting methodologies that call for intensive, long-term studies culminating in comprehensive (and often highly complex, difficult-to-implement) solutions, Rapid Results does exactly as the name suggests: it produces immediate measurable benefits in the shortest possible time period, typically 100 days or less.

The core of Rapid Results involves working with leaders and teams to set and achieve aggressive goals in one or more key areas of performance. In these scenarios, companies are compelled to tap into hidden reserves of capacity and energy to get the job done, and they must take action and test assumptions to demonstrate how to enter a new market, sell a new product, or deliver better service. Through a succession of these fast-paced, results focused initiatives, companies make dramatic gains toward major goals.

Because Rapid Results makes the best use of existing knowledge and resources, it’s fast and cost-effective. And because internal teams execute the projects with structured coaching from Schaffer along the way, team members build new capabilities through the achievement of measurable outcomes. Ultimately, Rapid Results generates both the momentum and the expertise to accelerate and sustain major change.

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