Acquisition Integration

Beating the odds to achieve integration success

Achieve results beyond those promised – and avoid major integration pitfalls

Whether or not companies achieve the desired value from an acquisition depends foremost on the success of the integration effort. Yet study after study shows that just one third of integrations actually succeed.  Despite the promise that accompanies every transaction, achieving that value poses significant challenges for most organizations.

We help address those challenges by drawing on 25+ years’ experience guiding dozens of successful integrations, from clients such as GE, JLG Industries, MeadWestvaco, and Merck.

While every integration varies, there are common elements to our work helping organizations accelerate ROI from integrations.  We partner with leaders to define a comprehensive and specific picture of how the combined company will perform post closing – financially, strategically, operationally, and organizationally.  We focus teams on delivering measurable results against each of these areas quickly, achieving cross-boundary synergies through rapid-cycle, 100-day projects.  And we help clients recognize and address the very real cultural issues that often derail integrations.

The result is a process that greatly diminishes the risks inherent in any integration, and ensures that clients achieve significant growth and value from their acquisitions.

To learn more about our thinking and work in Acquisition Integration, see our case studies, articles, books, and blogs below or contact us.

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