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03.13.17  Markus Spiegel

Three Ways To Strengthen Your Firm’s Innovation Capacity: Allow for rapid trial and error

Many leaders blame the economic environment for inhibiting innovation. The real problem is that both large and small firms struggle to make innovation happen because they tend to apply too narrow a perspective on innovation, which self-limits their opportunity spac…

Leadership May Not Be the Problem with Your Innovation Team

Harvard Business Review readers rated their organizations on the four conditions required for innovation to thrive. 80% thought their companies were under-performing on this front. They pointed out many opportunities for improvement.

Webinar Recap: 4 Conditions Innovation Leaders Create to Drive Results

How do leaders create the conditions for innovation to thrive? During Schaffer’s November 17 webinar, we continued to answer that question with insights from client experiences, results from our recent innovation survey, and reflections from a panel of experts.

Your Innovation Team Shouldn’t Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Should your innovation team work more like an ant colony? Latest research by Ron Ashkenas and Markus Spiegel says yes. Learn why ants are a successful innovation model and how leaders can create the conditions to help their innovation teams thrive.

Four Conditions That Leaders Create for Innovation to Thrive

For a mature company to innovate successfully, leaders must actively engage to create these four, specific conditions. Having these four conditions for innovation in place and actively managed can foster innovation success with almost any type of project or team.

09.04.12  Wes Siegal , Markus Spiegel

Three ways to strengthen your firm’s innovation capacity

Do you have the impression that your firm could be much more innovative than it is today? If so, you are not alone. At a recent innovation workshop, several of the attendees (including many employees from smaller companies) complained that they would like to innova…