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Considering the Sale of Your Company? Secrets to Success

Executives contemplating a company sale can lift company performance in ways that deliver significantly stronger multiples when it comes time to close the deal.

03.24.17  Jonathan Stearn

How to Achieve Sustainable Organic Growth and Overcome Complex Challenges

When tackling complex business challenges it is often impossible to know at the beginning what solutions will work. These require a “project management plus” approach. Learn how to create expectations, drive accountability, and monitor performance in a different wa…

07.22.15  Jonathan Stearn

How to Design Work Projects for Maximum Learning

The most common skill development tools - executive education, training programs, cases, simulations, etc. - are all at least one step removed from practice. Live business projects aimed at achieving dramatic outcomes in tight timeframes close this gap. Read the bl…

A Test to Weed Out Consultants You Shouldn’t Hire

We’ve seen a lot of consulting “misses” over the years – polished management products and services that fail to achieve what the clients want. Often it’s because executives recruit their consultants the wrong way.

06.06.14  Jonathan Stearn

Skip the “Best Practices”: How Several Hospitals Used Disciplined Experimentation to Make Complex Initiatives Successful

As a consultant, I have the privilege of working with leading organizations in a variety of industries around the world. Despite the wide diversity in geography, size, and industry of our client base, I can confirm that there is one thing that every single organiza…

01.14.14  Jonathan Stearn

“Why Are We Doing This?” How to Avoid Solving the Wrong Problem

In setting out to implement any major initiative, it is important to ask the right questions – in other words, to frame the problem correctly. This crucial first step lays the groundwork for the entire planning, preparation, and implementation of whatever the organ…

09.24.13  Jonathan Stearn

The Benefits of Peer Pressure

Leaders of an organization have a unique and crucial role to play in dealing with this dilemma. As stewards of the organization’s culture, they have the authority – and responsibility – to implement desired shifts in cultural norms.

02.26.13  Jonathan Stearn

How Much Performance Is Self-Censorship Costing You?

Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the White House prayer breakfast earlier this month. You might have heard about it, as he caused quite a stir. During his amusing speech laced with parables, he offered some provocative ideas on both our tax system and health care system.