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04.16.13  Ron Ashkenas

Change Management Needs to Change

The content of change management is reasonably correct, but the managerial capacity to implement it has been woefully underdeveloped. Managers need to take accountability themselves.

01.28.13  Evan Smith

To Reinvent the Business, Can Your Leaders Have the Right Conversations? (Lessons from HP and Autonomy)

In November of 2012, HP announced a write down of more than $8B amounting to approximately 80% of the purchase price it paid for Autonomy, the "big data" software-search company acquired in 2011. Autonomy was supposed to help HP reinvent itself – from a last-genera…

04.26.12  Schaffer Consulting

Merck`s Transformation

Simplicity Driven Transformation: An Interview with Tom Hall, Executive Director of Corporate Strategy at Merck.

01.04.12  Ron Ashkenas

Start the Year in the Right Rhythm

Establishing the right rhythm for each of work stream in an organization is an important but extremely difficult part of the leadership job. Not only does each stream need to be done well, but the combination needs to form a symphony. This way, progress reviews and…


Organizational and Cultural Implications of M&A

As organizations develop their 2012-2013 strategies, many are looking to mergers and acquisitions as a way to grow and quickly attain new talent. Suzanne Francis will be speaking at the OD Network of New York on Tuesday, December 6 on the topic of  "Organizati…

04.05.11  Ron Ashkenas

Sustainability's Faustian Dilemma

We all remember the SunChips Episode of 2010. Frito-Lay introduced bio-degradable packaging for SunChips in March, and was surprised to see sales of the chips drop by 11% over the next six months. The reason: Consumers felt that the new bags were ...

03.29.11  Ron Ashkenas

When the Invincible Become "Vincible"

Ron Ashkenas' blog post on Harvard Business Review Gary Wendt, CEO of GE Capital during its heyday, once said to me that the secret of his continuing success was the fear that his business could fall off a cliff at any moment. Without that fear, the cliff often app…

03.15.11  Ron Ashkenas

Solving the Rubik's Cube of Organizational Structure

Use these tips to help you streamline your organizational structure to match your strategy and purpose.

09.15.10  Matthew McCreight

Schaffer Consulting Re-fits for the Future

It's been a busy year for Schaffer Consulting. The company is moving into its 51st year and continues to make significant headway in developing effective solutions that ensure the success of large-scale organizational transformations for companies, such as, Bausch …

06.14.10  Ron Ashkenas

Schaffer finds new home downtown

A venerable Stamford business consulting firm has taken advantage of the affordable rental rates and decided to remain in the city, but in a new location. Stamford-based Robert H. Schaffer & Associates LLC is moving from 30 Oak St. to a 7,651-square-foot space …