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06.06.14  Jonathan Stearn

Skip the “Best Practices”: How Several Hospitals Used Disciplined Experimentation to Make Complex Initiatives Successful

As a consultant, I have the privilege of working with leading organizations in a variety of industries around the world. Despite the wide diversity in geography, size, and industry of our client base, I can confirm that there is one thing that every single organiza…

06.04.14  Ron Ashkenas

When an Inability to Make Decisions Is Actually Fear of Conflict

Does your organization take forever to make a decision? Do your or your team fail to follow through on the decisions? My colleague, Ron Ashkenas, calls this "decision spin".

05.30.14  Ron Ashkenas

You Can’t Delegate Change Management

Many managers, even at the most senior levels, don’t fully appreciate the difference between announcing a major change initiative and actually making it happen.

02.07.14  Ron Ashkenas

You Can't Outsource Change Management

As a recognized discipline, change management has been in existence for over half a century. Yet despite the huge investment that companies have made, most studies still show a 60-70% failure rate for organizational change projects.

01.14.14  Jonathan Stearn

“Why Are We Doing This?” How to Avoid Solving the Wrong Problem

In setting out to implement any major initiative, it is important to ask the right questions – in other words, to frame the problem correctly. This crucial first step lays the groundwork for the entire planning, preparation, and implementation of whatever the organ…

01.10.14  Robert Schaffer

Messages from Our Interviews with Healthcare Leaders

There is a perfect storm of challenges forming in healthcare – from the regulatory and reimbursement changes being driven by the Affordable Care Act, to the aging of the population, to the consistent increase in costs over the last few decades.

12.09.13  Ron Ashkenas

Three Ways To Preserve Institutional Knowledge

I was recently perplexed when I received a request to speak to a group of senior managers about reducing complexity – mostly because I had worked with their company fifteen years earlier on the same subject; and they had since developed a reputation for being good …

11.18.13  Ron Ashkenas

For Successful Change, Start With The Last Mile

One problem that constantly recurs in changing organizations is what we might call the last mile dilemma. The term comes from the telecommunications industry, which struggled for many years with how to efficiently extend their networks the “last mile,” or into indi…

10.29.13  Ron Ashkenas

The Dangers of Denial

Great leaders tell it like it is. In other words, they focus on reality, no matter how painful or unpleasant it might be, and then figure out what to do about it. In contrast, less effective leaders sometimes avoid hard truths, argue with the data, and delay tough …

10.28.13  Ron Ashkenas

Why Good Strategies Often Fall Apart

Have you ever been in a situation where everyone seemingly agrees on a particular strategy, but somehow it never happens?