The Super Bowl of Rapid Results?

The Super Bowl of Rapid Results?

Over the years, Schaffer’s Rapid Results initiatives (RRIs) have been used around the world to engage and empower people across organizations in ways that deliver exceptional breakthroughs in results quickly– in 90-days or less.  

And it is more than a one-time burst of energy. Many organizations use Rapid Results to create exceptional on-going creativity, innovation and success.  A great example is AXA XL's North American construction insurance division – led by its President, Gary Kaplan, who sponsors up to 50 RRIs a year across all parts of this growing, highly successful business. 

Rapid Results Initiatives work so well because they harness the factors that are present in the response to a crisis – when organizations outperform spontaneously – but do so without the crisis.  This approach has helped transform results and cultures in organizations from manufacturing to healthcare, government agencies to international development, and many more.  

So what happens when every organization is in a crisis?  Despite all the stress and uncertainly, the response has been truly remarkable.  Over the last few weeks, thousands of organizations have innovated and delivered results that were unthinkable just one month before – building field hospitals in a week, enabling thousands of staff to work from home, creating new ways to reach customers and much more.  

Unlike the spontaneous response mentioned earlier, in this crisis, leaders are making their own breakthroughs and demonstrating the power of this very different style of leadership.  They are establishing must-do goals, mobilizing people and resources, delegating and empowering others to lead the way, and all the while addressing the concerns of people at all levels of their organizations.  

For leaders who are making these kinds of breakthroughs, don't stop.  Keep leading in these dynamic ways so your organization keeps achieving extraordinary things throughout this crisis and beyond. Just imagine the impossible results your organization will achieve in the next few weeks.

In the worlds of Kristen Hoskinson, one of the leaders in Gary Kaplan’s organization,  “this Coronavirus situation is the world’s biggest RRI… 90 days to change your entire life, your perspective on everything, how you do everything…  this is the Super Bowl of RRIs.” 

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