Avery Dennison video

Avery Dennison video


Video by Avery Dennison showing how the Rapid Results Approach helped them drive growth

Here is a short version of the video Avery Dennison created to showcase their Horizon One Growth program. Schaffer Consulting was happy to help drive the program with our Rapid Results Approach.

"If you have ideas about things that you want to do in terms of new products, new customers, new services, new geographies, you do not have to spend forever doing a long study. Even when you finish one of those studies, you often don't really know how much you can rely on it. If you go out and test the idea in a small-scale hundred-day way, you have some real solid data. We have been able to implement certain strategies much more quickly this way."
– Dean Scarborough - President, CEO, and Director of Avery Dennison

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