Operational Excellence

Tap hidden capacity to accelerate performance breakthroughs

Collaborate across boundaries to tackle complex business challenges

Every organization strives to maximize operational effectiveness and efficiency. Many harness data to identify potential opportunities, and train teams to pursue performance improvements. These are all valuable drivers of incremental improvement. But achieving step-change impact requires a different strategy.

Some operational challenges are so complex that the standard quality management approaches are unable to move the needle. Leaders of various divisions and functions must be aligned around a common vision of success. Team members from across the organization must come together to understand root causes, and debate and prioritize solutions. And they must be empowered to implement their ideas quickly, in ways that minimize risk and maximize learning. No analysis paralysis. No reports without accompanying action.

Schaffer helps organizations beak down silos to capitalize on major operational excellence opportunities. Our approach ensures that leadership agrees on priority outcomes and people closest to the work have the freedom to implement their best ideas. By focusing on rapid results and learning, we help teams build the capability to achieve breakthrough performance improvements.

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