PODCAST: What Makes A Great Leader?

Schaffer Consulting's Ron Ashkenas is featured on the Meeting Strategist podcast, sharing perspective on leadership and what it takes to be a successful leader in a virtual environment.

Host of the podcast, Marcel van de Hoef, describes his conversation with Ron as having three parts:

  • In the first 10 minutes, Ron reflects on his experiences with former GE CEO Jack Welch: was he the best or the worst leader in corporate history?

  • In the second part, we discuss authentic leadership and the six practices you need to succeed as a leader.

  • In the final 15 minutes or so, we explore how leaders can lead effectively in today’s virtual environment.

An audio recording of the podcast can be found at: Meeting Strategist--What Makes A Great Leader, with Ron Ashkenas.

[Alternatively, you can listen via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music or wherever you get your podcasts.]

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