Suzanne Francis to Speak at Kellogg Merger Week in October

Creating Value Through Strategic Acquisitions and Alliances

Merger Week: Creating Value Through Strategic Acquisitions and Alliances

Develop Acquisition and Restructuring Strategies

Mergers and acquisitions are anything but one-dimensional. This program will teach you how to take aM multifaceted approach to any restructuring deal, considering how finance, leadership, negotiations and strategy each contribute to your organization’s success.

Learn how to evaluate M&A from all angles – and then implement a process that leads to the greatest value generation for your organization. This program will take you through the entire M&A process, from assessing strategic fit to considering market trends to making financing decisions and forming strategic alliances. Other topics include the search process, valuation techniques, negotiations, tax-free versus taxable transactions, joint ventures and international M&A.

Taught by leading scholars and practitioners – experts in the fields of finance, accounting, management and organizations and organizational change – this interdisciplinary learning experience blends academic theory with real-world application. You’ll leave the program inspired and prepared to tackle new opportunities in the global marketplace.

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