Boost Sales Through the CFO's Office

Driving growth through Sales Performance Management systems

CFO Playbook Webcast features Matthew McCreight as he shares insights on driving growth through Sales Performance Management systems.

The Finance department increasingly serves as the foundation for boosting sales effectiveness across the organization, and the CFO's office may well be the best source for systems and insights that help improve profitability and drive sales growth. As part of's webcast series, Senior Partner Matthew McCreight of Schaffer Consulting in Stamford, a consultancy focused on accelerating innovation and delivering tangible results, shared his thoughts on how sales performance management (SPM) systems can help to identify and capture meaningful opportunity.

The webcast, titled "The CFO Playbook on Sales Performance Management: How Finance Can Boost Sales Effectiveness," was broadcast live on the Internet in August. The webcast highlighted the shifts in approach, engagement, systems and leadership need to optimize sales efforts. McCreight explored how the CFO, focused on sales leadership, drives big improvements in sales tools and processes and delivers greater value to the company.

"Finance is playing a much bigger role in leading improvements in sales performance," said McCreight. "More information is available, and that information is increasingly complex. In addition to tracking metrics more accurately through a Sales Performance Management system, the CFO's role increasingly is to align the Sales process with the greater visibility available across the enterprise – and build relationships to uncover new opportunities, assess product-line profitability, and see how successful individual sales initiatives really are. When the CFO's office is able to provide that level of detail, Sales is motivated to better focus on the product lines and connected to initiatives that are driving profitability."

The evolved Sales function emphasizes its access to actionable information that leads to a better understanding of what success looks like in current Sales initiatives, as well as finding and forming new ones. "Aligning Sales and Finance is integral to the financial success of the company, and this alignment encourages a Sales focus on true revenue and profitability goals. Finance's role in this alignment is to lead, by engaging the Sales team and building its capacity for delivering bottom-line profit and value."

Schaffer focuses on how leaders can transform performance of their organizations. In working with CFOs from organizations of all sizes, Schaffer has been able to lead major performance improvement, growth, and transformation efforts.

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