Ron Ashkenas to speak at AMCF Global Leadership Forum

2014 Top Global Game-Changers: Our Clients' Greatest Opportunities, Challenges and Risks...What Lies Ahead?

On March 27, Ron Ashkenas, Senior Partner at Schaffer Consulting, will address the Association of Management Consulting Firms (AMCF) at their Global Leadership Forum in New York City.

The AMCF is a global trade association representing the consulting industry. The organization was founded 85 years ago by Edwin Booz, Marvin Bower, and others for the purpose of collaboration and advancement of the industry as a whole. Each year AMCF holds around 45 events with different areas of focus, bringing together leaders from a variety of consulting firms and other interested parties to discuss issues of common concern.

The centerpiece of the Global Leadership Forum on March 27, is the 2014 Top "Global Game-Changers" for Business, a newly published list of eight forces that will significantly impact the environment of business and determine the needs of clients and the value delivered by consulting firms in the year ahead and beyond. The findings are comprised of over 50 consulting firms’ viewpoints and represent a collective voice from the most prestigious firms.

Ron will lead a discussion around the topic of Complexity Reduction: Back to Basics, one of the key areas of focus of the eight game-changers identified. 

As stated on the AMCF website: 

In a survey of 300 CEOs, 86% of respondents agreed that their organizations have not only become increasingly complex, but that such complexity has reduced their ability to make decisions in a timely manner; to change business processes; and to introduce new products and services. Hence, the dramatic increase in complexity reduction initiatives over the last 3 years. In 2014, everybody will hear and speak a variation of the word “Simplicity.” 35% of organizations are currently simplifying their IT systems and services/product portfolios. Both strategy and business model simplification has become paramount to organization restructuring, transformation or divestiture.

With so many organizations facing complexity, the market is ripe for a shift in organizational structure, where top management becomes more inter-disciplinary with the assistance of specialized but collaborative groups. Not a simple concept, but one that requires organizations to know what they do, how it is done, where is being done, who is doing it and what they do best. It is there where the single most influential benefit of “Simplicity” lies: organizations gain a deep understanding of who they are and what their customers want. As most CEO's are finding out, the key is going back to basics.