Ron Ashkenas speaks at UnleashWD

Transforming the Distribution Industry One Business at a Time.

Transforming the Distribution Industry One Business at a Time

Most owners and C-Suite executives confide that their business is not learning or changing as fast as the rest of the economy. Behind the scenes they admit that most of what is being suggested to help is simply “more of the same.” UnleashWD gathers the best and most innovative minds on the planet to create an environment where participants will be immersed in their ideas and stories, and then helped to lift and shift those ideas into their Wholesale Distribution businesses.

Dr. Ron Ashkenas literally wrote the book on rethinking organizations. Business models expire faster than ever before and traditional business plans crumble and fall in the face of change makers. On day 2 of the Unleash WD Innovation Summit in Chicago (October 29-30), Ashkenas will show Wholesale Distributors how to simplify their organizations and improve efficiency. In his discussion "Let's Release Stale Business Models" with Saul Kaplan and Brant Cooper, Ashkenas will show participants:

  • How to develop a business model innovation factory within your current business.
  • How to change your business to move at the speed of the Internet.
  • How to accelerate growth through rapid experimentation.

After this session entrepreneurship, intrapraneurship, and business model innovation will become focal points in your distribution business.

Unleash WD will also feature speakers from the Big Idea Company,, Business Innovation Factory, Inferential Focus, Catalyst, The Lean Entrepreneur, and Innovation at Work.

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