Ron Ashkenas on "Critical Mass" discussing Rapid Results and Simplicity

Ron Ashkenas discusses Schaffer's Rapid Results Approach and Ron's latest book "Simply Effective" on "Critical Mass."

The Critical Mass Radio Show Series is the brainchild of host Richard (Ric) Franzi. Richard has conducted over 800 interviews since its inception in March of 2009. He has gained access to some of the most innovative minds of CEOs who are leading middle market firms across the U.S.

Here, he talks with Ron Ashkenas, Senior Partner of Schaffer Consulting, about Schaffer's Rapid Results Approach and Ron's latest book "Simply Effective".

Schaffer's Rapid Results Approach garners the zest created in crises situations and applies the learnings to day-to-day operations in order to change organizations in a big way. It is a way to quickly test the ideas of people on the front lines and then scale up the successful ones.

Ron's latest book "Simply Effective" helps leaders reduce complexity and simplify processes and behaviors that complicate success in their organizations.