Change with Rapid Results – a seminar in Vienna

Learn how to find the hidden energy in your organization and create lasting change.

On April 19, 2016, Schaffer Consulting's Patrice Murphy and Markus Spiegel will conduct a seminar in Vienna on "Change with Rapid Results". The seminar is being presented jointly with the Integrated Consulting Group (ICG), and will be conducted in both German and English.

Those attending will learn:

  • How to mobilize their organizations in 120 days
  • How to apply a change methodology with business benefits as well as sustainable impact
  • How BMW and a global institutional investing firm used the Rapid Result methodology to drive strategic growth and innovation
  • And will spend an interesting and insightful day with other professionals

Who should attend:

  • Leaders who want to move the needle on business performance and need new tools
  • Experienced change managers who want to enhance their toolkit and increase impact
  • Internal consultants, organizational development and talent development professionals who want to expand their offerings

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The Rapid Results Approach

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