Executive Alignment and Coaching

Drive clarity and agreement at the top to move the organization forward

Engaging teams to drive major change in order to realize significant results takes unified leadership

Without executive alignment, most major initiatives lapse into a collection of fragmented efforts plagued by false starts, shifting goals and team membership, and disappointing outcomes.

Schaffer Consulting begins engagements by facilitating critical alignment decisions among the organization’s top leaders. When the executive team is on the same page, leaders can more effectively create buy-in across the organization for executing new strategies and implementing large-scale change programs.

We start by helping clients establish a shared understanding of the current state – discovering and debunking the “many versions of the truth” that exist across organization. Next, we guide executives through an experience of picturing and agreeing on the desired future state – defined in terms of financial and operational metrics, organization structures, strategic imperatives, and company culture and values. Finally, we help leaders articulate the key strategic, operational, psychological, and behavioral shifts required to bridge the gap between current and future states.

Once executives are aligned, we help them break big, complex strategic priorities into carefully crafted executable challenges that create the context for trying out ideas, measuring results, learning what works, and iterating to find the best solutions.

A key element of our support is intensive coaching for all participants as they carry out these rapid-cycle challenges. We build trusting relationships with leaders, managers, and front-line team members to help them appreciate and overcome common barriers to change. This includes helping them learn new skills and practice new behaviors to drive the organization forward.

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