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Actionable insights by Schaffer Consulting experts

Schaffer’s ebooks describe how to deliver results and build capabilities to sustain success. They include practical advice based on our experience helping leaders unlock their teams’ capacity to drive breakthrough performance.

Our Innovation Infographic is a graphic depiction of insights we have gained from talking to 120 managers on the state of innovation at their companies.


Unlock Your Organization's Innovation Potential

"Unlock Your Organization's Innovation Potential" is a compilation of "Harvard Business Review" blog posts written by Ron Ashkenas. Ron shares practical advice about how to create a culture that drives innovation results based on Schaffer’s work with hundreds of companies across industries.

Infographic: What conditions do innovation leaders create to drive results?

Schaffer Consulting asked 120 managers across industries to reflect on the state of innovation at their companies. This infographic shows how they rated their companies on each of the four conditions we have discovered are required for innovation to succeed.