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Industry: Manufacturing and Engineering

Expertise: Organic Growth

Schaffer Team: Robert Schaffer, Wes Siegal

Implementing the Rapid Results approach toward organic growth and innovation yields many millions in incremental earnings

Helping a Manufacturing Company Reach their Revenue Goals

Growth was a corporate goal for a leading office products manufacturer, but results had been disappointing. Within three months of adopting Schaffer Consulting’s Rapid Results Approach, nearly $15 million in annualized incremental revenue had been gained. Expansion of the program delivered millions more.

Rapid Results for Growth

A leading adhesives films and office products manufacturer was growing, but the CEO and his leadership team were not satisfied with the pace. Although growth was a major corporate goal, the company had increased its revenues by only 8% in two years. Schaffer introduced our Rapid Results Approach as a way to quickly act on growth opportunities that could be turned into real growth within 3-6 months.

Targeting Specific Growth Areas

Within weeks, we helped launch 15 Rapid Results teams in North America. The initial projects targeted specific growth areas such as product enhancements, customer collaboration, retail channel penetration, and supply chain integration – all designed to deliver results within 100 days. Once the projects began producing results, senior management extended the process throughout the company. Dozens of teams, involving hundreds of people, started working on Rapid Results projects to fuel growth.

Incremental Revenue Adds Up

Within three months, the initial Rapid Results projects had delivered nearly $15 million in annualized incremental revenue. After expanding the program globally, the program delivered over $50 million in incremental revenue in the first year alone and $200 million the second year. Today, our client has internalized the approach and continues to launch a wide range of Rapid Results projects to drive organic growth.


The Rapid Results Package: Better Performance/Stronger Managers

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