Industry-acclaimed books by Schaffer Consulting experts

Written for any business leader or manager charged with leading organizational change and achieving real bottom-line results in short order, our books get to the heart of the high-impact consulting approach and describe, in detail, how it can work in your business. Authored by Schaffer consultants, the books focus on key areas of expertise, including strategy execution and performance management, as well as our unique Rapid Results and WorkOut methodologies.

Simply Effective: How to Cut Through Complexity in Your Organization and Get Things Done

This must-read resource shows managers how to simplify structures, processes, products, and leadership behaviors to exact greater business results.

Rapid Results! How 100-Day Projects Build the Capacity for Large-Scale Change

Learn the details behind one of Schaffer’s core methods for high-impact consulting. In the pages of this publication, leaders discover how to make large-scale changes succeed by way of rapid-cycle projects that develop vital implementation capabilities.

GE WorkOut: How To Implement GE's Revolutionary Method for Busting Bureaucracy and Attacking Organizational Problems-Fast!

Written by GE insiders, this guidebook to General Electric’s famous "Work-Out" change management tool provides organizational leaders with insight and guidance to successfully implement the WorkOut program in their own companies.

High-Impact Consulting: How Clients and Consultants Can Work Together to Achieve Extraordinary Results (2nd ed.)

The newly revised edition of this landmark book shows organizational leaders and managers how to avoid the “five fatal flaws of conventional consulting” while introducing them to a field-tested approach for working effectively with consultants to achieve unprecedented results.

The Boundaryless Organization: Breaking the Chains of Organizational Structure (2nd ed.)

This comprehensive guide is designed to help any organization go "boundaryless" by sweeping away artificial obstacles that get in the way of outstanding business performance. Readers will learn how to develop companies with the ability to quickly, proactively, and creatively adjust to changes in the environment.

The Boundaryless Organization Field Guide

A must-have companion to the book The Boundaryless Organization, this field guide gives leaders access to the diagnostic tools, overhead presentations, and exercises they need to make their own organization boundaryless and to attain greater levels of business success.

The Breakthrough Strategy

In this critical resource, the founder of Schaffer Consulting explores why even the most expensive improvement programs often yield minimal results. Readers are presented with an effective strategy for leveraging modest successes to drive major organizational change.

Execution Plain and Simple: Twelve Steps to Achieving Any Goal on Time and On Budget

With this practical guide, leaders and managers can tap into a 12-step plan for obtaining results, overcoming delays, and achieving tough goals faster, no matter what type of challenges their organizations face.

Harvard Business Review on Mergers and Acquisitions

Schaffer Consulting contributes to Harvard Business review by providing a lens into how GE Capital integrates acquisitions.

The Harvard Business Review Leader's Handbook

Step-by-step guidance to help you understand and start implementing six core leadership practices: building a unifying vision, developing a strategy, getting great people on board, focusing on results, innovating for the future, and leading yourself.


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