Radhi Vandayar

Radhi Vandayar

An Affiliate partner with Schaffer, Rhadi's drive to help create purpose and meaning in people’s work is motivated by her own journey of being a leader and working with different teams.
  • Consultant

A long-time member of the Schaffer Consulting network, Rhadi Vandayar brings exceptional perspective and ability to her work across industries and a broad range of organizational priorities.

Rhadi has extensive experience in the use of Schaffer’s Rapid Results approach, including with major companies such as the Reserve Bank of South Africa, rail and port operator Transnet and health & wellness provider ICAS. Rapid Results teams supported by Rhadi have delivered breakthrough improvements in growing revenue, in the efficiency of complex processes, and in reducing operating costs.

Rhadi is passionate about people development and has, as part of her consulting work, built a major focus on people engagement, team-building, and talent development. She regularly coaches executives and Boards, and includes in her activities serving as a mentor for MBA students.

Rhadi holds an MBA from Henley Business School, a Coaching Certification, and a BA in Social Work (Honors).

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