Matthew McCreight

Matthew McCreight

"I joined Schaffer – and continue to be excited about the firm – because of the unparalleled way we help our clients achieve outstanding results rapidly and in ways that build lasting success, high-performing, engaged organizations and exceptional leadership. In addition, Schaffer is constantly innovating – I don’t know of any other firm, large or small, that has been at the center of so many pioneering developments over the last fifty years.”
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Matthew McCreight has been with the firm since the late 1980s, consulting with a wide variety of organizations – public, private and non-profit – across all sectors and throughout the globe.

Matthew has helped many organizations carry out large-scale change in ways that rapidly achieve significant results, building the strategic direction, leadership capabilities and broad-based involvement that are essential for continued success over the long-term. In this context, he works with senior leaders and their teams to orchestrate the improvement and transformation of their organizations. He also coaches and helps develop the capabilities of internal groups – human resources, finance, consulting, information technology, and others – to support the push for rapid and lasting results.

Matthew’s clients have included many of the Global 1000 companies, health care systems, public and non-profit organizations such as Zurich Financial Services, Johnson & Johnson, Lloyds Banking Group, Say Yes to Education, General Electric, Marsh, QBE, Yale University, the US Postal Service, and Children's Hospital Boston.

Over the years, Matthew has helped corporations and not-for-profits create major growth. He has also worked with leadership teams to bring about financial turnarounds in record time. In addition, he has helped executives to effect the integration of internal organizations as well as new acquisitions, in ways that bridge challenging issues and create better performance.

He has lectured on leadership and transformational change at Princeton, Yale School of Management, and Northwestern University, among others.

Matthew earned his BA in Economics from Wesleyan University, and his MBA from the Yale School of Management.



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