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The Rapid Results Package: Better Performance/Stronger Managers

Using the Rapid Results Approach for management development is successful because the fun of evolving new approaches and the reinforcement of success produce managers who are in turn more ready to try their hands at additional, even tougher goals.


Making the Match: Senior Executives and Management Consultants

A "buyer's guide" for any organization leader who needs to engage consultants. Learn how to determine exactly how a consultant will work with you, whether you would like that, and whether or not you will end up with the desired results. Make sure you choose the rig…


Achievement Learning: Taking Action Learning the Next Step Up

Action Learning has made a huge contribution to management education, but we believe it can do more. Learn how Achievement Learning has been used in diverse industries to create real success on measurable goals, change culture without trying to, and produce bottom-…


10.07.13  Robert Schaffer

To De-Humdrumify Work Make the Job a Game!

Almost every job can be designed to be more exciting, challenging, and celebratory. Use a game strategy to make your organization more valuable -- and more fun. This article will help you get started.


09.06.10  Robert Schaffer

Four Mistakes Leaders Keep Making

The history of business has been marked by a dizzying rate of change. What hasn't changed very much, however, are four fundamental behaviors, deeply rooted in the managerial psyche, that block organizational progress and performance.


10.05.09  Robert Schaffer

Turning Giants

Creating change in a large organization can be easier than you think – if you concentrate on rapid gains.


12.17.07  Robert Schaffer

Make Results Part of Your Process

A major challenge for internal consultants is that while they are good at improving the systems within their areas of competence, they often do not make certain that these improvements mesh with other, interrelated systems. This disconnect causes many disappointmen…


Leader as Capacity Builder

How successful leaders not only drive for results, but also build into everything they do steps to strengthen the organization’s change capability at every level.


10.02.06  Robert Schaffer

Rapid Results: Easier to Achieve Than the Gurus Will Tell You

If you have to improve productivity significantly, lower costs, shift market focus or make other major changes in your company, cheer up: it can be done much more easily than you probably believe it can.


01.09.06  Robert Schaffer

Leadership Excellence - Development is a full-time job

This article describes how Avery Dennison yielded over $50 million in new revenues in their first year of using rapid-cycle projects to develop leadership capabilities.