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04.06.17  Patrice Murphy

Leading with Radically Informative Indicators

Learn how to define the Radically Informative Indicators that will enable your managers to focus attention quickly and easily on the most important aspects of the organization’s strategic health.


Breaking the Pattern of Innovation Stagnation

Speed is, of course, only one element of success in new product innovation, but it is vital. Waiting until everything is perfect, and every possible stakeholder is 100% satisfied, will result in the market passing you by.


Are You Really Ready for Disruptive Innovation?

We all know innovation is a powerful competitive advantage. But disruptive innovation actually changes the existing business model. To succeed, a leader must really let go and allow the process to flow. Find out if you and your organization are ready.


04.16.12  Patrice Murphy

Pleasing the In-Laws: Integrating M&A Across Cultures

Managing a merger across borders is not for the faint of heart. However, by learning how to avoid obstacles such as cultural myopia, differences in leadership styles and customer misunderstanding, an integration leader can actually leverage cross-cultural differenc…


01.03.11  Patrice Murphy

Improving Supply Chain Compliance in Developing Countries

Many enterprises can improve environmental practices and worker safety very quickly, using the money, staff and local know-how they already have.


Healthcare Rx: Start with Results Today

Learn how the Rapid Results Approach can look and feel. See how the process works in case examples from a major hospital system, a mental health facility, and local health clinics in a developing country. Discover how to get started using a Rapid Results approach i…


Rapid Results!: A Chapter from "The Change Handbook"

Learn how companies and governments used Rapid Results projects to build confidence as well as the capacity to manage change.


WorkOut: A Chapter from "The Change Handbook"

A chapter from The Change Handbook: The Definitive Resource on Today's Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems.


WorkOut and Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a proven and highly effective business initiative for improving customer satisfaction and increasing the efficiency of processes. WorkOut is a process for bringing together large numbers of people to improve business performance.