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Who Says Population Health Is a Long-Term Game?

Population health is perceived as a long-term, complex problem. Learn how Schaffer's tried-and-true Rapid Results Approach allows communities to collaborate and innovate to help make the systemic challenge of population health improvement a reality.


04.08.13  Nadim Matta

We Should Stop Using the Term 'IT project'

When organizations like GE, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the World Bank want to accelerate implementation and change, they call on Nadim Matta, president of the Rapid Results Institute and senior partner at Schaffer Consulting.


How to Design Leadership Development for Immediate Gains

Learn how Ascom, a global Swiss-based communications company, took steps to transform leadership development from a cost to a profit center in the annual budget.


Unleashing Implementation Capacity in Developing Countries

Developmental goals in public health, education, agriculture, and economics can all be attacked via Rapid Results initiatives—which produce immediate results and build implementation capability. Through these initiatives, the “target population” ceases to be a targ…


12.06.04  Nadim Matta

Improving Project Results: Operating 'Below-the-Line' To Produce Real Value

Project teams and their sponsors rarely acknowledge the risk that their project's outcomes will not translate into the intended benefits to the organization. How can you keep a project on track for real results?


Why Good Projects Fail Anyway

This article offers a way to design projects that guards against unnecessary failure.


Bridging the Capacity Gap

The gap between aspirations and the ability to implement thwarts the most well-meaning, well-conceived developmental efforts. This article presents an approach used by World Bank to design and implement projects that help organizations bridge this "capacity gap."


11.19.01  Nadim Matta

From IT Solutions to Business Results

In this article, you will learn how to ensure that IT projects are delivered and implemented successfully.