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12.10.01  Schaffer Consulting

WorkOut Session Tackles LIne Crew Utilization

This newsletter describes how Schaffer Consulting (then called RHS&A) helped PSNH increase the amount of line work their own crews could handle and decrease the use of outside contractors.


11.19.01  Nadim Matta

From IT Solutions to Business Results

In this article, you will learn how to ensure that IT projects are delivered and implemented successfully.


Freeing Managers to Innovate

Most managers have much more potential for influencing progress than they dare to use. This Siemens program shows what is possible when managers have confidence that they can venture beyond their self-imposed limits.


12.04.00  Ron Ashkenas

"A Merger of Equals" and Other Big Lies

In this article, you'll learn how to effectively merge your organizations, reduce anxiety, and create a successful new company.


Integration Managers: Special Leaders for Special Times

This article explores the work of the Integration Manager. It draws on the diverse experiences of five integration managers, and distills them into four strategies for driving integration success.


06.30.00  Andrew Bolger

How WorkOut Works: How Eagle Star was saved by a high-flier

When Patrick O’Sullivan, chief executive of the UK insurer, introduced a concept called WorkOut, it helped shake the 190-year-old company out of its complacency.


03.21.00  Rick Heinick

How to Create Successful Business-to-Business Partnerships

A specialty chemicals company used the structured customer partnering methodology to reduce costs, improve delivery time, boost both companies’ profitability, and augment customer relationships.


07.12.99  Ron Ashkenas

Breaking Through Global Boundaries

To become global, companies must address these challenges: hiring global "supermanagers"; managing for the global environment; embracing cultural differences.


03.08.99  Robert Schaffer

Breakthrough Strategy: A Stepping Stone to Greater Success

Since the early 1990s, several Dupont business units have relied on a performance improvement methodology called the "breakthrough Strategy".


03.01.99  Ron Ashkenas

Organizations of the Future: Back to the Basics at the Speed of Light

Technology has enabled a pace and pattern of information flow that has rendered many organizational forms obsolete.