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Why Good Projects Fail Anyway

This article offers a way to design projects that guards against unnecessary failure.


09.15.03  Robert Neiman

Get More Mileage From IT Investments

When it comes to maximizing the value of IT investments, companies need to shift from a mindset of simply "installing technology" to one of "creating business payoff".


WorkOut and Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a proven and highly effective business initiative for improving customer satisfaction and increasing the efficiency of processes. WorkOut is a process for bringing together large numbers of people to improve business performance.


01.20.03  Ron Ashkenas

Why WorkOut Works

The idea behind WorkOut is simple, but implementing WorkOut is not easy. Learn why WorkOut works – and how to make WorkOut work in your organization.


Leadership Development on the Job

Who has time to send senior managers off on leadership retreats anymore? Make them learn by doing.


Bridging the Capacity Gap

The gap between aspirations and the ability to implement thwarts the most well-meaning, well-conceived developmental efforts. This article presents an approach used by World Bank to design and implement projects that help organizations bridge this "capacity gap."


Implementation: there's more to innovation than great ideas

Managers learn to innovate when they must achieve significant improvements in performance that are possible only through experimentation and the implementation of innovative ideas. The challenge is to figure out how senior management can create such an environment…


Generate a Zest Through Success

To meet the unique challenges, South African companies need to ... Generate a zest through success and not get mired into perpetual preparation.


General Electric's Leadership WorkOut

It's not news that GE is one of the world's most successful and admired companies, renowned for its consistently outstanding financial performance and for the quality of its people and operations. It wasn't always like that. In this article, you will learn the ori…


01.07.02  Ron Ashkenas

Leading the Boundryless Organization

Leaders of today’s organizations need a zest for uncertainty, a passion for ferment, and a focus on short-term results. This article outlines the challenges leaders face in creating a flexible, fluid organization.