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04.06.17  Patrice Murphy

Leading with Radically Informative Indicators

Learn how to define the Radically Informative Indicators that will enable your managers to focus attention quickly and easily on the most important aspects of the organization’s strategic health.


02.22.17  Markus Spiegel

What Makes Change Harder — or Easier

Before you adopt any popular new management approach, it pays to analyze the implicit values embedded in it. Then ask yourself: How well will those values fit our existing organizational culture?


08.15.16  Wes Siegal

How to Make the Most of Your First 100 Days as a New Executive Hire

A leadership entry strategy is one that will define your tenure from the outset. Choosing one that emphasizes rapid results that develop allegiance while motivating employees to promote your goals and share in that mission puts you on firm footing.


Who Says Population Health Is a Long-Term Game?

Population health is perceived as a long-term, complex problem. Learn how Schaffer's tried-and-true Rapid Results Approach allows communities to collaborate and innovate to help make the systemic challenge of population health improvement a reality.


10.28.14  Daniel Dworkin

Five Alignment Myths and Why Busting Them Matters

Most leaders want their teams to be aligned. The problem is that the term "alignment" means different things to different people. This article addresses each aspect of alignment and offers suggestions to help you ensure alignment in your organization.


How to Spark Culture Change

Changing employees' behaviors can be hard without the proper guidance and incentives. To produce high-value and sustainable change, use a balanced pull-push strategy to drive cultural and behavioral shifts.


For Successful EHR Implementation Focus on the People, Not the Technology

Realizing the full value of electronic health records (EHR) is truly a people-centric mission. This article offers five instrumental strategies for making engagement a catalyst for EHR success.


Beat the Change Management Trap: Your Organization is More Ready to Change Than You Think

Most leaders don't need to be convinced of the need to change - they simply need to figure out how to help their organizations do it. In this article, you will learn how to enact positive changes in your organization.


Stop Solving Your Business Problems

Make the critical shift from solving problems to challenging people to deliver real results.


05.03.10  Ron Ashkenas

Seven Deadly Sins of Making Demands

Leaders at the Say Yes to Education Foundation learned how to make demands -- and transformed both teachers and students in the process.