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'Action learning on steroids' may be the key to leadership development

You've heard that actions speak louder than words, now hear why "action learning" is disrupting the $350 billion leadership development industry.


Achievement Learning: Taking Action Learning the Next Step Up

Action Learning has made a huge contribution to management education, but we believe it can do more. Learn how Achievement Learning has been used in diverse industries to create real success on measurable goals, change culture without trying to, and produce bottom-…


Listen Up, Power Down: How Leaders Drive Culture Change

Learn how leaders can use their emotional intelligence to be more effective communicators in today's technology-driven world.


04.08.13  Nadim Matta

We Should Stop Using the Term 'IT project'

When organizations like GE, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the World Bank want to accelerate implementation and change, they call on Nadim Matta, president of the Rapid Results Institute and senior partner at Schaffer Consulting.


How to Design Leadership Development for Immediate Gains

Learn how Ascom, a global Swiss-based communications company, took steps to transform leadership development from a cost to a profit center in the annual budget.


Beat the Change Management Trap: Your Organization is More Ready to Change Than You Think

Most leaders don't need to be convinced of the need to change - they simply need to figure out how to help their organizations do it. In this article, you will learn how to enact positive changes in your organization.


Stop Solving Your Business Problems

Make the critical shift from solving problems to challenging people to deliver real results.


09.06.10  Robert Schaffer

Four Mistakes Leaders Keep Making

The history of business has been marked by a dizzying rate of change. What hasn't changed very much, however, are four fundamental behaviors, deeply rooted in the managerial psyche, that block organizational progress and performance.


Leader as Capacity Builder

How successful leaders not only drive for results, but also build into everything they do steps to strengthen the organization’s change capability at every level.


Off-Sites That Work

Of all the meetings top executives attend in a year, none is more important than the strategy off-site. From their two decades of experience designing and facilitating strategy off-sites around the world, the authors have distilled a set of best practices that busi…