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Making the Deal Real: How GE Capital Integrates Acquisitions

Thousands of companies every year acquire other companies, or are acquired themselves. This article argues that it should be viewed as a manageable process that can be codified and improved over time.


Successful Change Programs Begin with Results

Many corporate improvement efforts have negligible results because they focus on activities, not results, and there is no explicit connection between action and outcome. By committing to incremental change, managers not only can see results faster but also determin…


Managers Can Avoid Wasting Time

As long as human beings are managing organizations, jobs will have requirements that create anxiety, and thus lead to time-wasting activities. If you want major payoffs from management productivity, you must defeat "busyness".


11.25.74  Robert Schaffer

Demand Better Results - And Get Them (an HBR Classic)

This article, first published in 1974, answers one of management's most important questions: Why do so few organizations reach their productivity potential? One of HBR’s 10 most requested articles of the 1990s decade.


Making Staff Consulting More Effective

As organizations become more and more complex, success depends on the ability of innovative decision makers and highly trained staff technologists to blend their efforts to reach a common objective. Time and time again, a company will have the know-how it needs in …


11.06.67  Robert Schaffer

Putting Action Into Planning

The secret of success begins with concentrating on goals that are immediate rather than remote from today's needs.