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Surviving M&A: How to Thrive Amid the Turmoil

The upheaval of mergers and acquisitions might cause anxiety. Don't be a victim! Learn to harness the opportunities of M&A to set your own career trajectory.


Rebounding from Career Setbacks

This article provides clear steps to follow after a setback. It will help you reframe losses into opportunities for change and will help you see a new path to career success.


The Merger Dividend

Mergers present unique opportunities to develop leaders. Don't let the next deal slip through your fingers. This article describes how companies can maximize the growth opportunities inherent in a merger by developing three specific leadership areas.


09.06.10  Robert Schaffer

Four Mistakes Leaders Keep Making

The history of business has been marked by a dizzying rate of change. What hasn't changed very much, however, are four fundamental behaviors, deeply rooted in the managerial psyche, that block organizational progress and performance.


12.03.07  Ron Ashkenas

Simplicity-Minded Management

This article details the elements of a simplicity-minded strategy: Streamline the structure; prune products, services, and features; build disciplined processes; and improve managerial habits.


Aprender de los resultados rapidos (English Translation)

English translation of Learning from Rapid Results, the original HBR article written in Spanish for the Harvard Business Review Latin American Edition, December 2006.


Off-Sites That Work

Of all the meetings top executives attend in a year, none is more important than the strategy off-site. From their two decades of experience designing and facilitating strategy off-sites around the world, the authors have distilled a set of best practices that busi…


Why Good Projects Fail Anyway

This article offers a way to design projects that guards against unnecessary failure.


Freeing Managers to Innovate

Most managers have much more potential for influencing progress than they dare to use. This Siemens program shows what is possible when managers have confidence that they can venture beyond their self-imposed limits.


Integration Managers: Special Leaders for Special Times

This article explores the work of the Integration Manager. It draws on the diverse experiences of five integration managers, and distills them into four strategies for driving integration success.