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01.07.02  Ron Ashkenas

Leading the Boundryless Organization

Leaders of today’s organizations need a zest for uncertainty, a passion for ferment, and a focus on short-term results. This article outlines the challenges leaders face in creating a flexible, fluid organization.


07.12.99  Ron Ashkenas

Breaking Through Global Boundaries

To become global, companies must address these challenges: hiring global "supermanagers"; managing for the global environment; embracing cultural differences.


05.05.97  Robert Schaffer

Planning for Succession

A personal account of succession planning in a unique and innovative consulting firm, with consideration of identity, governance, and financial issues.


The Boundaryless Oranization

An executive summary of the book, The Boundaryless Organization.


Managers Can Avoid Wasting Time

As long as human beings are managing organizations, jobs will have requirements that create anxiety, and thus lead to time-wasting activities. If you want major payoffs from management productivity, you must defeat "busyness".


11.25.74  Robert Schaffer

Demand Better Results - And Get Them (an HBR Classic)

This article, first published in 1974, answers one of management's most important questions: Why do so few organizations reach their productivity potential? One of HBR’s 10 most requested articles of the 1990s decade.