Why WorkOut Works

Why WorkOut Works

01.20.03Ron Ashkenas

How GE's WorkOut process enables a kind of communication that is often missing in large, complex, global organizations

The can-do spirit that is characteristic of young, entrepreneurial companies all too often gets lost as organizations grow, and as boundaries between functions and levels are erected and solidified. Yet, the need for widespread involvement, common vision, and fast, decisive action never disappears. In fact, as organizations get larger and more complex, the need for these characteristics is even greater.

How can you capture the speed, energy, and magic of entrepreneurial start-ups? WorkOut can help. Schaffer consultants worked with Jack Welch at GE to develop the process as a way to get "work out" of the system. It is based on the premise that the people who are closest to the work know the work best. The WorkOut process creates a surge of energy, creativity, and productivity when the ideas of those people are solicited and immediately turned into action.

The idea behind WorkOut is simple, but implementing WorkOut is not easy. Learn why the WorkOut process works – and how to make WorkOut work in your organization.

Handbook of Business Strategy, 2003

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