Results-Fueled Leadership Development

Results-Fueled Leadership Development

04.12.04Robert Schaffer

How to make bottom-line organization achievement a centerpiece of leadership development

The ability to get real results from an organization is one of the most critical leadership skills, but many leaders and managers lack the ability to execute significant change. Leaders need to learn how to mobilize the organization for change. What they need is not another Action Learning classroom program, but the opportunity for real-life learning in leading a team or organization to achieve challenging goals. They need experiential learning. Learn how Siemens, the State of Washington, and Avery Dennison developed their experiential learning processes while simultaneously adding to the bottom line.

Leader to Leader, Number 32, Spring 2004

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Leadership Development

Everyone knows adults learn best by doing. Ambitious business results cannot be achieved without learning new skills, and these skills cannot be developed without achieving real results. Learn how we unite learning and doing.