Who Says Population Health Is a Long-Term Game?

Who Says Population Health Is a Long-Term Game?

Using Rapid Results Projects for Dramatic, Near-Term Impact

Most experts agree that two keys to improving the quality and efficiency of our health care system are the coordination of care, and prevention and wellness. Care providers try to work on the issue, but they all approach it from differing perspectives. Therefore, population health is perceived as a long-term, complex problem. Indeed, there are long-term structural adjustments that must be made to improve the health care system; however, our work in corporate, social, and international development arenas shows that communities can make great strides in the meantime.

This article details how Schaffer's tried-and-true Rapid Results Approach helped community organizations tackle chronic homelessness -- another long-standing, complex population health issue. It also describes how the approach has been successful in reducing the transmission of HIV and in decreasing the infant mortality rate.

Discover how the lessons learned in these adventures can make the systemic challenge of population health improvement a reality.

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