Mobilize Large Numbers of People in Change

Mobilize Large Numbers of People in Change

Improve your organization’s overall capacity to implement large-scale change

This chapter from the "Rapid Results" book shows how Rapid Results projects and WorkOut can serve as a vehicle for engaging large numbers of people into the change and improvement process and how a modified version of the well-known GE “WorkOut process” provides a structured methodology to support this rapid engagement. The experiences of Avery Dennison, Zurich U.K. and Armstrong cited in this chapter show that rapid-cycle projects, even if somewhat modest to begin with, can quickly be turned into powerful engines for accelerating change—change that can advance as fast as you want it to happen and can involve huge numbers of people as quickly as you want to involve them. As more and more people lead and participate in Rapid Results teams, more and more change management competence is developed at every level in the organization. And as this competence grows, so does the organization’s overall capacity to implement large-scale change.

Chapter 5 of Rapid Results!, Jossey-Bass 2005

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