Making the Match: Senior Executives and Management Consultants

Making the Match: Senior Executives and Management Consultants

Choose the best consultant for YOU

Many consultants believe they can help any type of organization deliver better value to their customers, but the fact is that too many consulting engagements end up being costly failures. We are convinced that the key is for the client to NOT select the best consultants, but instead, to select a consultant where there is a fit in style between the client and the consultant. This relationship will end up being the best available to the client because he/she can be certain the consultant has perspectives parallel to his/her own.

This article is a brief "buyer's guide" for any organization leader who needs to engage consultants. Although many consulting firms appear similar to one another, you will find fundamental differences among them if you dig a little deeper. Learn how to determine exactly how a consultant will work with you, whether you would like that, and whether or not you will end up with the desired results. The right fit between a management consultant and the client is imperative to achieving extraordinary results. Make sure you choose the right one for you.

Leader to Leader, Spring 2015

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