Looking for Innovation? Focus On Your Existing Business First

Looking for Innovation? Focus On Your Existing Business First

Unlock entrepreneurial power in your innovation team

Startups get the headlines for big ideas and innovation, but they don’t own the concept. While dramatic stories of disruption make great headlines, for far more organizations, innovation focused on achieving significant improvement in existing lines of business is a surer – and more profitable – bet for driving actual results.

To innovate and to stimulate the entrepreneurial energy that can drive long-term and sustainable growth, large organizations must create four interrelated conditions in which teams are empowered to work across borders to develop and put new ideas to work. The innovation teams must then work with methodology for pursuing innovation challenges such as Schaffer’s Rapid Results approach, which focuses teams on achieving significant goals in accelerated time frames.

Learn how leaders in large organizations can unlock entrepreneurial power in their teams and achieve real, measurable, bottom-line results.

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