Leading with Radically Informative Indicators

Leading with Radically Informative Indicators

04.06.17Patrice Murphy

Make sure your measurements matter

Managers are accustomed to differentiating between tactical, operational, and strategic measures. However, many measurement systems fail to aid the organization and often even damage it by draining resources, distracting leaders from strategically important signals, and by misdirecting effort.

Radically Informative Indicators (RIIs) can help organizations understand where to focus their efforts and recognize how those efforts can affect their future success. RIIs are the “kings” of measures—they are often  the broadest and most strategic.

Learn how to define the Radically Informative Indicators that will enable your managers to focus attention quickly and easily on the most important aspects of the organization’s strategic health.

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Authors: Laura Freebairn-Smith, Patrice Murphy, and Ross Tartell

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