6 Steps to Improve Your Post-Merger Integration Fitness

6 Steps to Improve Your Post-Merger Integration Fitness

04.25.11Suzanne Francis

Achieving anticipated gains requires thorough due diligence

The increase in M&A transactions may be a welcome harbinger of better times, but agreements to buy are only the beginning. Like with any long-term deal or activity, M&As are marathons, not sprints, and a lot must be done to get in “shape” before pursuing acquisitions.

Achieving the anticipated gains requires thorough due diligence, clear goals for the newly combined business, and a well-orchestrated integration effort. By testing their own limits and knowledge of M&A practices, executives can better approach these daunting tasks and resurface with a litany of new business opportunities.

In this article, you'll learn 6 steps to improve your post-merger integration fitness, including:

  • How to perform due diligence to identify potential problems and head them off early
  • Why it's essential to begin joint planning sessions right away - even before the deal closes!
  • Keys to ensuring that all parties have a clear vision of the post-merger expectations 
  • Why you should take the opportunity to re-assess your resources
  • How to create a plan to protect key employees 
  • Why your best talent should be involved, regardless of their integration experience

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