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We unlock hidden capacity for dramatic, lasting results

We have helped hundreds of clients achieve breakthrough impact faster and more sustainably than ever thought possible.

We begin with results. We work side by side with clients to translate strategic objectives into well-defined, short-term targets. We convene teams and coach them, so they make measurable progress right away. Our approach cuts through complexity and unlocks hidden capacity to drive change. We don’t just deliver immediate, dramatic top and bottom-line impact – we help develop the leadership, collaboration, and execution skills necessary for sustainable growth.

Our team is comprised of seasoned management consultants. We have decades of experience accelerating strategy execution via innovation, simplification, and integration. But our strengths are far less important than those we help our clients bring to bear. Schaffer Consulting helps organizations drive change from within. Because our clients are fully invested in our collaboration, they own the results. And the strategic capabilities and momentum that we help them generate yield ongoing benefits long after our team is gone.

Schaffer Consulting is a purpose driven business. We believe all organizations have the potential to achieve much more than they do today. Helping clients discover the hidden capacity to deliver breakthrough results is more than a job for our team. It's a calling. We believe passionately in the power of our work to solve the world's most pressing organizational challenges. In 2006, we launched a non-profit corporation, the Rapid Results Institute, to leverage our results-first approach to tackle complex global development opportunities. Schaffer consultants continue to support the Institute's work to house the chronically homeless, improve HIV testing, and support access to education. We are proud of the impact we've made together to address seemingly "unsolvable" social and environmental issues.

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